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About Home Exercises for Low Back Pain

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About Home Exercises for Low Back Pain
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Occupational therapy hand and wrist splinting

OT Services at Waterloo Sports Medicine

We welcome Sabrina Adair, from KW Custom Splintingto provide splinting services from our University Square Plaza centre.

KW Custom Splinting is company that provides custom upper extremity splinting for a variety of soft tissue injuries, arthritis, fractures, ligament tear/sprains, etc.  The most common splinting needs are the following:

-        Dequervain’s
-        Carpal tunnel
-        CMC osteoarthritis
-        UCL tear/strain                                                                                                           
-        Finger arthritis
-        Ulnar neuropathy
-        Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
-        Mallet Fingers

Sabrina Adair is an registered Occupational Therapist who has over 13 years of experience working in hand therapy in the outpatient hospital setting, family health team and the community with a lot of experience in acute and chronic injuries.

Do I need a referral?

Any doctor or Nurse Practitioner can refer a client for splinting. You can also self-refer, but you may require a physician referral for coverage of the cost of the splint under your extended health insurance plan. Always contact your health insurance provider to ask this question befoe you book as the dating of the referral must be before the receipt for the splint.

Information required:

A diagnosis is valuable but we can treat according to symptoms, so if your doctor suspects something specific please have him/her fill it in on the referral.  She always completes her own assessment as well, which helps correctly determine the problem.

What Sabrina does:

The splints that she makes are fabricated out of low grade thermoplastic material. The material gets soft in hot water and will mold to the patient's hand, making it a more comfortable fit than a pre-fabricated splint. These splints are also fully adjustable if the patient experiences any discomfort while wearing it.


The cost of the splint includes the material as well as the therapists’ time to fabricate the splint.  If you have an extended health care benefit plan, it will often cover 80-100% of the cost of custom splints (or Orthoses).