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About Registered Massage Therapy

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About Registered Massage Therapy
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Clarissa Hildebrand, RMT

Clarissa Hildebrand, RMT


Clarissa graduated from Georgian College in Barrie in June 2015 from their Massage Therapy program with honours. While at the college, she worked closely with the varsity basketball team and provided massage therapy to the athletes. During this time is when her passion for sports massage began to develop, and she continued helping athletes from different sports teams in the school, including hockey and track.

Clarissa has a passion for soccer and skiing, both alpine and cross country, and has participated in all three sports since she was young. She is passionate about treating athletic injuries and getting people back to the best of their abilities as quickly as possible, and she likes to do this with various techniques including Thai massage, myofascial release, muscle stripping and trigger point therapy.

Clarissa has a lot of experience working with clients who have chronic illnesses, such as Parkinson's and fibromyalgia, as this was taught heavily in her college career. She believes it is important to have a knowledge of how to provide people massage therapy no matter what their condition, and how to do so safely for the client.

Clarissa keeps active by going to the gym at least four times a week, and going to yoga classes whenever she can. She believes that taking the time to stretch daily and giving yourself room to breathe and slow down once in a while is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She also enjoys going to watch live sporting events, specifically the Toronto Raptors, and considers being their number one fan her part time job.

Clarissa Hildebrand joined the WSM Massage team in November, 2017.

Adam Hortian joined the WSM Massage team in October, 2017.

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Ken Edmondson joined the WSM Massage team in July, 2011.