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About Crossover Gait & ITB Syndrome

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About Crossover Gait & ITB Syndrome
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Tara Fulop Conner, RMT

Tara Fulop Conner, RMT

RMT, Certified Executive Coach

RMT, Certified Executive Coach (CEC)

Tara Fulop Conner has been an RMT for 23 years (CCMH 1994)  Besides her shifts at WSM at RIM Park, she works from home. She can be reached through for mobile massage. 

Tara has been a personal trainer 20+ years with certifications including TRX, Pilates instructor, Life Coaching certificate 2003 and many more.

She is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) from the Graduate program at Royal Roads University (2015) in Victoria, BC. 

Tara's experience, education and passion for helping others have made her a highly respected and successful personal and executive coach. Tara brings a unique and holistic blend of intellectual and emotional coaching together with the importance of focused physical training that is targeted to equip her clients to thrive in their highly stressful situations.