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About Physiotherapy

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About Physiotherapy
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University Square Plaza Sports Medicine Physicians

The three physicians at WSM are certified as specialists in sports medicine by the Canadian
Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM)
 and received post graduate fellowship training in sports
medicine.  The WSM physicians are committed to providing expert and comprehensive medical
care for both high performance and recreational athletes.

Visit our sports medicine physicians for:
       assessment and treatment of athletic injuries
       management of exercise-related medical problems 
       focus on sports and activity specific aspects of your athletic injury or medical problem
       exercise counselling for a healthy lifestyle
       stategies to prevent athletic injuries and medical problems

Physicians visits are covered by OHIP and a valid health card must be presented at each visit.

Dr. Bob Lee, MD
Dip. Sport Medicine, (CASEM)
Meet Dr. Bob Lee, MD
Dr. Marin Duke, MD
CCFP, Dip. Sport Medicine (CASEM)
Meet Dr. Marin Duke, MD
Dr. Doug Dittmer, MD
FRCPC, Physical Medicine + Rehab., Dip. Sport Medicine (CASEM)
Meet Dr. Doug Dittmer, MD