Success Stories

Adam Auer


Adam AuerEveryone has aspirations of becoming a professional athlete when they’re young. That was one of my goals too. However, I wanted to make sure it happened. I approached it differently – as a step-by-step process of achieving my goals.

I have played sports my whole life. As I got older though, I focused my efforts on baseball. More specifically I wanted to train to become a catcher.

My first goal was to make Team Ontario, which was an elite baseball program that travelled all over Canada and the United States. We hoped that by travelling around we would get recognized by an American college or pro scout.

I continued to pursue my dream by playing two years in California at a Junior College and have since made my way to a Division 2 school in Southern Colorado called CSU – Pueblo.

 Growing up, I was fortunate to be a part of one of the best baseball teams to come out of Waterloo. We won five provincial championships, one silver and one national championship at the peewee level. I have so many unbelievable memories of baseball in Waterloo and I am still friends with most of my teammates.

I have also celebrated successes with my current team. This past year we made it to the Western Regional, which is one step before the Division 2 College World Series. Even though we didn’t come out on top it was an unforgettable experience, one that I hope we can beat next season!

 Over my athletic career I have come to WSM many times for a variety of reasons, mostly injury-related – fortunately none have been major. Over the past 10 years the great staff at WSM have helped treat my strains and sprains, allowing me continue to participate in the sport that I love.