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front of USPTake a photo tour!
WSM began in the University Square Plaza in a small unit, with one physician and two physiotherapists. Dr. Lee joined the practice in 1996, Randy Helm followed shortly after. Soon Physiotherapy needed more space. 

1999- WSM underwent a major expansion from 3,500 sq ft to 8,900 sq ft. The move to take over the old Valdi's grocery store in the back corner of the plaza gave WSM a much larger physiotherapy treatment area, two rooms for Massge Therapy and four doctors' examination rooms.

The facility at 65 University Square Plaza now houses 11 Physiotherapists,  7 Massage Therapists, 2 Sports Medicine Physicians, a Physiatrist, a Naturopathic Doctor, an Occupational Therapist and a Pedorthist .

In July 2009, The USP location expanded again, pushing the PASS Bracing store over one unit and adding a section devoted to Massage Therapy with four treatment rooms and a glass office space for the RMTs. A few new paint colours, new carpet, some re-uphostering and a new logo behind the desk created a fresh, modern look for the whole centre.

In 2013, WSM expanded again, taking over half of another unit beside us, to create three more physio treatment rooms and an evaluation room for runners and cyclists.

In January 2018, WSM at University Square Plaza created a file for patient 93,000 after 32 years in the region. WSM is pleased to note that new patients come to us 95% through word-of-mouth from friends, family, co-workers, teammates, coaches and local family Physicians.