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Adam Szwed

Adam Szwed, PT

MPT, BA (Hons) Kin

Adam completed both his undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (Honours Specialization) in Kinesiology degree and Masters of Physiotherapy at Western University, graduating from the MPT program in 2018.


Adam has been involved in sports all his life, playing Junior hockey and competitive soccer growing up. He continues to be involved in both hockey and soccer recreationally, still having a passion for both sports. While battling injuries during his athletic endeavours and working with physiotherapists along the way as a patient, Adam developed the desire to pursue a career in physiotherapy to help others achieve their goals.


Adam has completed his level 1 Manual Therapy certification and hopes to pursue the higher levels in the near future. He enjoys working with individuals of all ages and skill levels to achieve optimal health and wellness.


In Adam’s free time, he enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness, hiking, and recreational sports.

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