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Hand Splinting

Waterloo Sports Medicine has an occupational therapist on site who can make custom splints for upper extremity injuries and chronic hand conditions. An occupational therapist is a health care professional who can help people to resume or maintain participation in a variety of tasks.

Hand Splinting

Waterloo Sports Medicine Centre has teamed up with KW Custom Splinting  to provide custom upper extremity splinting.  We offer comprehensive assessment services with respect to recent hand injuries or longer term conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, gathering a subjective history of the client's injury or condition, evaluating the current function of the client's hand using various standardized measures as well as gathering other objective information.  


 The most common splinting needs are the following:

  • De Quervain’s     

  • Carpal tunnel

  • CMC osteoarthritis

  • UCL tear/strain  

  • Finger arthritis

  • Ulnar neuropathy

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

  • Mallet Fingers

Why get a custom splint made?

The splints are fabricated out of low-grade thermoplastic material. The material gets soft in hot water and will mold to the patient's hand making it a more comfortable fit than a pre-fabricated splint. These splints are also fully adjustable if the patient experiences any discomfort while wearing it.

custom splint for hand and wrist injury madeby an occupational therapist

Do I need a referral?

Any doctor or nurse practitioner can refer a client for splinting. You can also self-refer, but you may require a physician referral for coverage of the cost of the splint under your extended health insurance plan. Always contact your health insurance provider to ask this question before you book, as the dating of the referral must be before the receipt for the splint.

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