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Sports Medicine Physicians

Sports Medicine Physicians (CASEM)

All Sports Medicine Physicians work out of University Square Plaza.

When should I see a Sports Medicine Physician?

If you are injured in a sport-related activity, on the field, in training, at the gym, on the links, on your bike, while running, walking or hiking, swimming, skating, or trying to get in shape to be active, then your injury can be assessed by a Sports Medicine Physician. Our physicians do not see Motor vehicle accident injuries (MVA) or workplace injuries (WSIB).

What can I expect from an appointment with a Sports Medicine Physician?

Our Sports Medicine Physicians provide:

Diagnoses based on years of specialized experience with athletes, from weekend warriors to Olympic athletes, and individuals who want to continue an active lifstyle.

Tests such as x-rays, bone scans, MRI's which can be ordered and results discussed with patients in the process of relieving pain and getting active individuals back into their activities.

Viso-supplementation injections - a safe and effective method of providing relief for mild to moderate knee arthritis. Our physicians see patients for a first visit to educate them on the method and expectations of effectiveness. Patients then return for three injections, then a final appointment to evaluate the results.

Cortisone injections - to reduce pain to knees, shoulders and elbows, and allow freer movement to help patients recover from injury and be active again.

Referrals to other specialists/surgeons if the severity of the injury demands.

What can I do to prepare for an appointment?

If you are new to WSM as a patient for any of our services, you should arrive ten minutes early to have a medical file created. You will need a valid health card to show to the front desk staff each time you see one of our doctors. All doctors are covered by OHIP for Ontario residents. We accept some out of province health cards as well, and UHIP for visiting university students.

If your injury is below the waist, please bring a pair of shorts into which you can change, especially for initial assessments. If your injury is above the waist, bring a Tshirt or tank top to wear. If you are being seen about a hip/thigh/knee/calf problem, don't arrive in tight skinny jeans unless you are prepared to change into shorts.

Do I need a referral to see a Sports Medicine Physician?

You can usually book directly with a Sports Medicine Physician without a referral. However, if you have already seen your family GP for this issue, you are then asking for a second opinion, and your family GP will need to give you a referral.

Dr. Lee is now a GP with Focused Practice Designation, so he does not affect your family physician's billing. However, if your physician would like to receive consultation notes from Dr. Lee, he/she can send a referral either with you or by fax before your appointment.

Dr. Dittmer requires a referral and his approval before booking patients to see him in his role as Physiatrist.
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