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Virtual Physiotherapy

WSM provides virtual physiotherapy appointments to the comfort of your home, with the same high-quality physiotherapy care that people expect from Waterloo Sports Medicine.

What is Virtual Physiotherapy or Tele-rehabilitation?

Virtual physiotherapy is an online appointment where a video call is used to connect both the physiotherapist and the client. The video call is encrypted and the data is not stored anywhere at any time. This ensures that the virtual appointments are PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant which addresses the major concerns surrounding telehealth.

Virtual Physiotherapy

Why choose Virtual Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are experts at exercise prescription, client education and observation of human movement and function, all of which are accessible through video consultations.  During the appointment, a Registered Physiotherapist observes your range of motion and functional movements equivalent to an in person assessment. Our mission is to continue to provide high quality, client-centered care via video consultations.

Virtual Physiotherapy
Virtual Consult

What should I expect from a virtual physiotherapy appointment?


Connect using any computer, laptop or device that has a camera


Treatment plan based on your goals will be provided


Appointment is with a Registered Physiotherapist


You will be given exercise videos and self treatment techniques to help with compliance


Meet and discuss your injury and pain that you are currently experiencing


Stay in contact with your physiotherapist and monitor your progress

Is virtual physiotherapy covered by my private health benefits?

Most insurance companies are covering virtual physiotherapy appointments but we recommend you check with your specific provider to see if they are covering virtual appointments.

Virtual Physiotherapy
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