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Bike Fitting

Waterloo Sports Medicine Centre offers bike fitting from one of our registered physiotherapists; and certified bike fitter. Motion analysis software is used to optimized comfort and position on the bike to reduce the risk of injury and help with performance.

When should I come for a bike fit?

  • If you have a new bike or already have a bike but have not been properly fit

  • If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort while riding your bike

  • If you want to optimize comfort, performance and efficiency on your bike

  • Before you attend a major event,or before the season, to prevent injuries

What should I expect from a bike fit?

  • A thorough orthopaedic assessment if required for injury diagnosis

  • Cleat adjustment 

  • A comprehensive bike fit using motion capture to better analyze the various angles while riding on the bike

  • Advice on modifying or correcting riding technique

  • Exercises that will address any of the assessment findings

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