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At WSM, a team approach is utilized to ensure the most comprehensive care is given to our concussion patients. The physicians, physiotherapists and massage therapists work together to create treatment plans that recognize the unique characteristics of each individual and the concussion they have received.

Individualized Detailed Assessments

Through a thorough examination that includes a detailed patient history, interpretation of test results, physical and neurological screening, and standardized concussion screening tools, a program of care is created for each patient.

Comprehensive treatment

Treatment of a concussion is based on the initial assessment, and is progressed as the signs and symptoms of the concussion change. Treatment may consist of rest, re-introduction to mental and physical exertion, therapeutic intervention for any neck or other physical injuries, application of modalities such as laser and acupuncture, vestibular and balance rehab, and consideration of other factors such as sleep problems and psychological issues. At WSM, we believe that, before returning to normal activity and sport following a concussion, all patients must demonstrate normal physical and mental capacities. At WSM at 65 University Avenue, this assessment is achieved in our clinic activity area. For the RIM Park patients, 'on-field', activity-based assessments of basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer and figure skating are possible. The goal of WSM is to ensure that every concussion patient has the highest probability of safe return to sport, play and normal daily activities.

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