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Exercise prescription

At Waterloo Sports Medicine Centre we understand the importance that exercise and tissue loading plays in the role of injury recovery. Our physiotherapists will develop a treatment plan that will include some form of exercise.

Exercise and injury recovery

Physiotherapists have a great understanding of the importance of exercise and its role in injury recovery. After a thorough assessment the physiotherapist will have an understanding of whether your injury should be exposed or protected from exercise. There may some cases where, for a brief period of time, you may be required to avoid activity or exercise. However, in most cases, injuries require exercise and tissue loading in order to heal. Tissue loading has been shown to accelerate healing and thus increase your return to sport or activity.

Exercise and Recovery and the gym

Most of the exercises that are prescribed will fall under one of the following categories:

  • Range of motion - exercises designed to help restore normal motion in a joint, help reduce pain and to improve function

  • Strengthening -  exercises provided to increase tissue strength, help with injury recovery, reduce pain and increase function. Strengthening exercises need to be progressive for your injury to be able to better tolerate load.

  • Balance and proprioception - exercises given to help with balance, neuromuscular activation and better body/joint awareness. 

At Waterloo Sports Medicine Centre our gym is equipped with the essentials of weight training and exercise equipment. Some of the equipment you will find at our clinics include:


  • stationary bikes

  • treadmill

  • eliptical

  • squat rack

  • balance board and proprioception tools

  • BOSU ball

  • exercise balls

  • pulleys

  • arm ergometer 

  • leg press

  • free weights

  • exercise bands

  • pilates reformers

Physiotherapy exercises
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