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Kyle Foley

Kyle Foley, PT


Kyle grew up in Victoria, B.C. where he had big ambitions to participate in the Olympics. This prompted a move to Calgary, AB where he was accepted into the national badminton training center. Over the next seven years, Kyle finished his Bachelor degree in Kinesiology, travelled to many countries around Europe and the Americas, and represented Canada at the Pan Am badminton championships where he won a bronze medal in 2007.

Since then Kyle has pursued knowledge on how the human body is designed, how it wants to move, and the strength and conditioning exercises on how to achieve that. This has developed Kyle’s treatment philosophy to look at the body as a whole and how its parts work together and rely on each other for sustainable and efficient movement.

Specific tools that Kyle uses to achieve this are the selective functional movement assessment (SFMA), manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise. Moving in such a manner will simultaneously reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance, two things Kyle is passionate about.

In 2017, Kyle earned certification in Dry Needling. This technique uses acupuncture that is inserted into a muscle to affect change. It is most commonly used on chronic muscle tension (i.e. trigger points) as well as muscle strains.

Kyle enjoys badminton, squash, strength and conditioning, and watching all sports.

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