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Lifting Analysis

Waterloo Sports Medicine Centre offers weight lifting assessments to patients with weight training-related injuries. Through a thorough orthopaedic assessment and platform analysis, we take a systematic approach to treating your weight training injuries. Whether you are new to resistance training or are a veteran of the gym, a lifting assessment will offer you insights into your training. 

When should I come for a lifting assessment?

  • If you are new to resistance training or have a program that is not working for you

  • If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort while weight training

  • If you want to improve your technique and performance in the gym

  • To prevent injuries

Deadlift Weight Analysis

What to expect from a lifting assessment?

  • A thorough orthopaedic assessment if required for injury diagnosis

  •  A comprehensive lifting analysis identifying any biomechanics that could be contributing to your lifting injury

  • Advice on modifying or correcting lifting technique

  • Strengthening exercises that will address any of the assessment findings

  • Advice on a new training program or modification of your current program

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