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On-Field Assessment

The physiotherapists at RIM Park have full access to all sports facilities within RIM Park allowing them to perform sport specific testing related to the athlete's particular sport. Working in collaboration with coaches a graduated return to play plan may be developed for an effective and safe return-to-play.

When does an on field assessement begin?

Once you have achieved a sufficient level of recovery and are ready to be re-introduced back to sport, your physiotherapist will put you through a series of sport specific tests that will help better determine your level of function. Minimizing the time away from the playing surface, suggestions for drills and skills may be provided to do at practices. In preparation for a full return to sport, our physiotherapists collaborate with your parents and coaches to help get you back to your sport as soon as possible.

Examples of on field assessment:

  • On-ice evaluation of hockey playerfigure skater or ringette player

  • Kicking, passing and shooting a soccer ball

  • Shooting and dribbling a basketball

  • Serving and volleying a volleyball

  • Throwing and catching a baseball

  • Short game testing of golf game

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